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The Mountain

- The Maw: Vestigial pincers have given way to a mouth that filter feeds on smaller prey.
- “The Mountain”: The carapace of this beast is so large that it appears as a series of islands from the ocean surface.
- Mineral Growths: These growths, formed from previously absorbed minerals, protect the underbelly of this beast.
- Mineral Gills: These gills absorb minerals and other nutrients from the sea floor.
- Mineral Compression: Absorbed Minerals are released back into the ocean as compressed structures.

The Mountain was a challenging, but fun piece. Key focuses included:
- The large scale of the creature and the detail that this would require in-game.
- The capacity for mobility and practicality of animation of the creature within the worlds of InnerSpace
- Retaining low polygon counts with consideration for the relative scale of the creature.

Zbrush | Unity | Shader Forge | Blender | Photoshop

'The Mountain' Sculpt

Steve zapata modelshaderlayout

Rendered in-engine with the shaders from InnerSpace. Game model’s detail is accented by vertex AO

Steve zapata sculptlayout

Sculpt layout. Based on the concept art below, I tried to retain an interesting silhouette from every angle.

Steve zapata ref 02

Concept art by Eric Grossman at