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InnerSpace | Shader

Beautiful, easy to read, and time saving; the three goals for the aesthetic in InnerSpace. With a small team, time is of the utmost importance. Modeling, unwrapping, and texturing can take up a lot of that time, and the results of a mismanaged pipeline are extended deadlines and antsy programmers. Clearly we didn’t want that, so I knew from early on that our shaders would need to save us some effort. This shader runs the gamut from full detail to flat- colored silhouette, and employs elements like: colored shadows, view-direction based shading, and vertex-based ambient occlusion. I decided to go with a shader that doesn’t need a texture to look good and, in addition to saving us asset development time, nets an in-game efficiency boost because of it.

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InnerSpace Shader Demonstration

Steve zapata example uses

Example Uses. Models were created by Nick Adams at: