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I was tasked with creating/improving the character modeling and shading pipeline for the Virtual Gemini project. The focus of each bust was on matching the likeness of a real person and on retaining that likeness in-engine.

| Maps Used |
- Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Normal Detail, Blurred Normal, Vein, Hair Shadow, SSS Mask, Thickness,

| Responsibilities |
- Defined and documented character creation pipeline
- Created Skin and Clothing shader
- Sculpted likenesses, Created textures, Setup & tuned materials
- Oversaw the production of 40 characters. I personally created about 15 of the total.

This project challenged me a lot and I grew as an artist because of it. It’s incredible how important eye placement, depth, and scale is to the overall likeness of the sculpt.

Real-time Likeness Turntable

Steve zapata lowpoly
Steve zapata character improvements2

Tasked with revamping the character pipeline, this image demonstrates my improvements over the characters being used when I was hired.